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Pipe Dreams #1

Welcome to our first blog. We have recently completed a new installation of a RODGERS Inspire Classic Edition Organ at Saint Paul Parish in Greensburg, PA. The Inspire Classic is a finely crafted organ with two manuals, a 32-note radiating AGO pedalboard, 27 stops, 153 voices, Tab controls and a host of other features that can be found on RODGERS website. Along with the Inspire Classic we also installed a powerful and expressive audio system featuring RODGERS FR-1 speakers, SW-6 subwoofers and a Crown amplifier to utilize their Inspire Classic to it's full potential. If your house of worship is looking for an exceptional new organ, piano or digital piano to enhance your sacred music program contact Tony Vittone and let him show you what we have to offer to take your congregation's praise music program to the next level.

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